Keep Calm and Drive On With These Road Rage Driving Tips

Road Rage Tips

The daily drive can be one of the most stressful times of the day, with drivers dealing with everything from tailgaters to speeders to those dodging in and out of stopped rush hour traffic. Some of these instances can cause people to begin to feel road rage, which can be quite dangerous if left unchecked.

​To help our customers better combat the stress of driving, Arrowhead Cadillac has put together some tips on how to keep calm and drive on.

Listen to NPR, or whatever calms you down.

We all have that go-to song that we listen to when we get worked up, and study after study has proven that listening to soothing music can reduce stress. That’s why we recommend switching over to the calming voices of NPR during rush hour, though if AC/DC is your easy-listening jam, then throw that on too.

Be the bigger driver.

The Valley is known for its speeders and its tailgaters, who love to ride your bumper if they think you’re going too slow on the freeway. The instinct here is to get very frustrated, especially if this person has enough room to go around you.

​We suggest not getting upset, and merely moving aside to let the person pass you. You’ll probably see them surrounded by blue lights with a speeding ticket in hand later down the road, so you can savor that kind of satisfaction later.

Lay off the horn.

There’s nothing that makes people more on edge when driving than the sound of a car horn. Invented to indicate potential danger, the horn was never really meant to be the thing you laid on should a fellow driver displease you. Unless you see an accident about to happen, try not to use your horn. Just simply smile and turn up “Back in Black.”

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